What is the mystery of the mysterious blue light in the sea of ​​Karachi?

Photo: Express Web

Photo: Express Web

A blue and glowing turquoise light was seen in the sea area of ​​Karachi which left people in awe, but now the reason has come to light.

Experts say that this pattern of waves is called bioluminescence, the cause of this light is an organism called noctilucinati lonus, a chemical process in the ocean in which organisms very small in size emit light.

According to Mohammad Moazzam Khan, Technical Adviser of WWF (Pakistan) in Karachi, an organism called Noctilucinati lonus is the cause of this glow, also known as Sea Fire or Sea Twinkle.

In Pakistan it blooms after three to four months, this organism is smaller than a grain of rye, its presence in the sea is a sign of the fertility of the sea.

He said that if a person puts his hands in these shining waves, then these living beings continue to shine on his hands for some time.

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