The son is in America and the daughter is a medical student, revealed the robbery arrested in Karachi

Karachi: Dakit, arrested by the police, has revealed that his son is in America while his daughter is a medical student.

The suspect arrested by the Clifton Investigation Police said during the investigation that he used to commit crimes at food chains and medical stores wearing police pants and a mask on his face. The suspect said that his son was in America while his daughter was studying medicine. has been

The accused told the police that he had stolen a policeman’s pants from a motorcycle and had bought weapons from Quetta and dressed up as a policeman to evade the police.

The arrested accused Shehryar said that he had separated from his wife while his father and one brother had died.

The accused said that after committing the crimes, he used to go to Lahore and when the money ran out, he would come back and commit the crimes.

The accused also revealed that he had been arrested in 2008 for killing a policeman in Firozabad area and had served the sentence.

The police arrested the accused with the help of hotel i software whose record came from Lahore, the police party went to Lahore and arrested the accused.

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