Property Leaks Old Wine in New Bottle, Target Army Chief: Faisal Vawda

Islamabad: Senator Faisal Vawda says that the timing of property leaks is very important, the issue of Azad Kashmir arises and the wind blows within a couple of days, along with it comes a leak and a court letter. Then the direction comes to the institution. Property Lakes is old wine in a new bottle. All the same nonsense as the first one.

In a conversation with private TV, he said that Dubai is our friend and our investment is expected from it. My name is also coming. I have no fear. The target of this leak is the Army Chief who is flying the flag of the country through Pakistan’s Productivity, Progress, SIFC.

He said that whenever a person stands up for development in Pakistan, all the mafias together bring him down, directly or indirectly politicians are also involved in it. In the past, Lex’s characters had printed huge posters of the heads of our institutions, defaming them. It also has old people of institutions whose names will come up.

Faisal Vawda said that if they are declared, then there is no problem, if there is an element of turban throwing, then turban football will be played. My analysis is that a certain class has been excluded from the property laws, the contractors of the constitution and law are not named, PTI is also exempted from this. This distinction speaks volumes. You have stopped the crime.

He said that an organization has even given clean chits to some people in two to three weeks. Which will happen to me. He will be with you too. The same will happen with a soldier, the same will happen with a judge. The same will happen with every businessman.

On the question of his name being included in the property leaks, Faisal Vawda said that if it is not given any other direction, then these properties would have been declared under it, there is no point in spreading sensation. If you throw the turban, I will make a football, brother, now the match is over. Now whoever this drama happened to, he will have to pay the price.

On a question regarding Justice Babar Sattar, he said that he will be a very good person. I don’t know them. Neither am I against them. I have raised the question under 19(a). You should answer.

In a statement on social media, Faisal Vawda raised the question whether the players in the game of planning and property leaks in Azad Kashmir are the same. The target of this campaign is SIFC, friendly countries, international investment coming to Pakistan? Its characters are also the same leaky players connected to global powers.

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