Found Paradise Lost

Now we are fully convinced that we have reached the door of the paradise we were looking for for 77 years. And this is not an illusion but it has actually happened because of the sources through which we got this news. They are all authentic and reliable. And they always speak the truth because they have sworn by placing their hands on the “chair” that they will always speak the truth and nothing but the truth because all Indeed, they are righteous and trustworthy. On the contrary, they are suffering from the pain of the nation so much that they have forbidden themselves even dreams and food. For example, our “media” today is full of truth from head to toe and from heel to toe.

I am full of doubts like I am full of music

Give it a try and see what happens

If you hit it, then it starts ringing. Those who give it. They are indeed Allama Professor Dr. Barrister, Engineer. If the prayer is performed, it is done, but the statement is not performed. Here I remembered a fact. One day, a young man came to me. We were acquainted with his elder brother, and he had a “Music Center” shop in the market. R used to rent out cassettes. He saw us sitting in the hotel and came running and said, “Have you read my statement in the newspaper?” We said no, we have not read any of your statements.

Isn’t it in today’s newspaper? Then he ran to his shop and we wondered what “statement” he might have given. After a while he returned with the newspaper and opened it and started showing a news. It was known that yesterday the police A music center where nude films were being shown was raided. We were reading the news and he was beaming with pride. It was about his shop and came out today after being caught and he shared this “proud” news about himself. Bayan” was saying. If there is no bad name, then there will be no name

Let me call it fame or call it my disgrace

My legends have gone before me in this street

And now, by the grace of God, there is such a category of those who make these statements that they can make statements against themselves to get their name in the newspaper. There was a Pashto poet who was very “concerned” about women. “He lived. He was a resident of a very remote area, so he used to meet him sometimes. One day, there was a very well-known news in the newspaper about the fact that the body of a famous Pashto poet was found at a certain place. He has been brutally killed. Some broken bangles and a dupatta stuck in the bushes were also found near the body. It is a pity that the poor man was killed in such a young age. Rather, there was jealousy to some extent. What a romance. This lucky person was blessed with martyrdom

He will be happy with his hands

Today, the dead are walking

The area was very far away. So we did not go to read Fatiha then gradually we forgot it. But after a year we met a person from his village and we asked him about his Romani martyrdom. He was surprised and said but He is alive and often meets him. Later, we also saw it in a mushaira. When asked about this news, he laughed and said that I spread it myself. News and statements have become one nowadays, but news comes less and less in the media, most of the statements are news. And these statements show that we have reached the gate of Paradise Lost and the gate is about to open.

By the way, there is good news at the upper level as well, but our province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the only one. has determined that the state of Madinah has now been established here, which was going to be established in the whole of Pakistan, but died in its youth at the hands of the envious, foreign hands and the imported government.

When we make the province lost, we will also connect the chain from where it was broken. And this is certain because the news is coming from a very reliable and authentic “source”. And the name of this source is Kareena Saif, who was only an institution before but now she has become a professor, barrister, doctor and singer and has become so skilled in statements that she can issue two statements every day even at sunrise and sunset. The rising of the sun can be named for oneself and the setting for others.

“Such a spark was also in his ashes.”

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